On Kawara #13


On Kawara was a Japanase artist who painted a date painting every day, the Today series. He started on January 4, 1966, and created almost 3000 date paintings. The rules were strict: When Kawara was unable to complete the painting on the day it was started he immediately destroyed it. The paintings are placed in a cardboard box custom-made for the painting, which is lined with a clipping from a local newspaper from the city in which the artist made the painting. Each year between 63 and 241 paintings were made. After his death, on July 10, 2014, he continued on Twitter with daily messages ‘I’m still alive’. He inspired me to paint 3 date paintings, representing the days of the Great Artists Steal exhibition, in my own way: oil in stead of acrylic, my own favourite colors Naples Yellow, Teal and Flesh Tint. It’s an ode to this amazingly dedicated artist.

Oil on canvas, 45 x 35 cm, 2019

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Kunstenaar: Airco Caravan

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