Andy Warhol (Wunderbaum series)


If material doesn’t disappear just changes its form, it means that there are still tiny parts of material the ‘big ones’ were surrounded by. I have always found it a reassuring idea that the air I breath in is the same air Bruegel, Bourgeois and Basquiat had once exhaled. Based on this idea I made a series of paintings where I ‘capture the fragrance’ of those I admire. Do you know those little trees hanging in cars smelling like hell? Now I have painted 52 trees ‘smelling’ e.g. like warhol, Bacon, Banksy or Dumas. And because odour is so ethereal they are al ’neatly packed’ complete with painted foil and the the well-known yellow of original ‘wunderbaum’.
Who is your favorite ???

Kunstenaar: Andrea Radai

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Afmetingen24 × 18 cm