Johannes Vermeer ( Wunderbaum series)


If material doesn’t disappear just changes its form, it means that there are still tiny parts of material the ‘big ones’ were surrounded by. I have always found it a reassuring idea that the air I breath in is the same air Bruegel, Bourgeois and Basquiat had once exhaled. Based on this idea I made a series of paintings where I ‘capture the fragrance’ of those I admire. Do you know those little trees hanging in cars smelling like hell? Now I painted 52 trees ‘smelling’ e.g. like Vermeer, Bacon, Banksy or Dumas. And because odour is so ethereal they are al ’neatly packed’ complete with painted foil and the the well-known yellow of original ‘wunderbaum’.
Who is your favorite ???


Kunstenaar: Andrea Radai

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Afmetingen24 × 18 cm