Coffee to go III


All photo works from the ‘Coffee to go’ series are designed with 3D software. Works that deal with public vs private space. Due to the combination of porcelain coffee cup with plastic to go lid do these ‘computer generated’ images have a surreal tension. Is it the confused older man who leaves his house with his coffee? Is it a social protest against the daily rat race or consumer society? The traditional versus the industrial?

The ‘Coffee to go’ photo works have all been produced in an edition of 10 – as high-quality photo prints on aluminum with Plexiglass.

Recently the series has been exhibited at ‘De Hallen’ in Amsterdam as part of the group show ‘Changing Cities’ organized by ‘Seeyou@art’

UltraChrome Print on aluminium, mounted on Plexiglass
Size: 24 x 18 cm

Edition of 10

7 op voorraad

Kunstenaar: Roberto Voorbij

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