Mother and Child


Title: Mother and Child 

Medium: Photo paper on underlayment, prism acrylic, brass bolts and nuts 

Size: 45 x 73 x 4 cm 

Edition: #1/3 

Year: 2020 

About the work: 
For this series has been chosen specifically for religious and mythological images. However, by placing the figures – each appropriated from classic paintings – behind a geometric grid contrasting associations arise. The analog pixels that appear due to the distortion of the plastic prism plate work like the scrambled image of a suspect. But at the same time, the plate also seems to function as a protection of the vulnerable. Is this series about censoring the religious or is it rather an attempt to protect the weak? A depiction of the original sin or of the frailty of man? The grid over the Renaissance painting also emphasises the triangular composition that has been used. Or does it expose an underlying matrix, a metaphysical network that’s being uncovered… 

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Kunstenaar: Roberto Voorbij