Portrait 43: O’Keeffe. LARGE


‘Portrait 43: O’Keeffe. LARGE’ is part of the ongoing series Artist Portraits. Originally commissioned by ARTISTS NOT ARMIES. All digital collages from this series follow the same concept; an artist portrait in which the face is replaced by a work of this artist. The form rhyme in this collage makes that the pinwheel composition flows into the waves of the portrayed her hair, the structure of the flowers becomes one with her skin. The maker literally merges with her subject. The sentience is completely taken over by the delicate Jimson Weed. The increase in scale in the original painting manifests itself, albeit to a lesser extent, in this portrait as well. A contrast is created between the refined nature and the extra large composition. The enlarged flower composition being O’Keeffe’s signature piece. 
More generally, you could say that this portrait deals with representation and identity, the artist as a work of art, art as representation of the maker, the group identity.

The Artist Portraits have recently been exhibited at Leontia Gallery – London, Popinnart – Amsterdam and Bedford Gallery – Walnut Creek, California.

Printed as high quality Giclée Print: Klein Imaging Smooth Rag 300gsm.

Size: 61 x 81 cm

Edition of 6

1 op voorraad

Kunstenaar: Roberto Voorbij